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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Contest: Handy Dandy Clutch ! Contest now Closed

CONGRATULATIONS to JOYCE RILEY!  She is the winner of the Handy Dandy Clutch Giveaway.

Stay tuned for another fun filled and exciting giveaway coming in March!

Going somewhere fancy?? Going out for a night on the town? Heading out with friends for the afternoon? Or maybe you have a little one and are always losing your ID, money or debit card or glasses to the bottom of the diaper bag. Whatever YOU could use this darling little clutch for is entirely up to you, and you could win it right here, right now!

This handy dandy clutch is made out of 100% cotton fabric, 100% polyester thread, fusible and heavyweight interfacing and a whole lot of care. It is about 7.5" by 5" and hangs about 8" from the strap. The strap tucks neatly inside the clutch if you don't need it. Inside is also where you will find a convenient pocket for keys, cash, cell phone or anything small that you might need to find quickly. Small and compact, perfect for those trips out where you just need a few things to take along.

There are four ways you can win this clutch.
1) Leave a comment to this blog post (that gets you 1 entry)
2) LINK back to this blog post on Facebook OR Twitter (or both) for another entry (you must let me know that you have done this so I can check)
3) VOTE for the LIFT project, then promote the LIFT project on your Facebook or Twitter account and show proof that you have done so. Each day you vote for LIFT is another entry for my contest!
4) Become an "attendee" to my Facebook event for this giveaway and get an entry.  The more ways you enter, the more chances you have to win!

Contest will run from NOW until 8:00PM Eastern Time Thursday February 18. At which time your name (times the number of possible entries you have earned)will be randomly selected as the winner of this contest. We will connect, coordinate shipping details and it's YOURS!

Good luck!

Note: Is red not your color? Are you looking for something more appropriate for a diaper bag, camera bag or a mid-day outing? Not a problem! If you are the winner and would prefer the item in a different color I will custom make a handy dandy clutch for YOU in a color of YOUR choice.


Renae said...

What a neat way to do a giveaway! The bag looks fabulous, great job!

rach :) said...

You are taking this giveaway/comment thing seriously! Do you have an ETSY shop? I bet you could get some sales there...

It's fun watching your work!

Andrea said...

Rach: I do have an ETSY shop, but alas it has been a loooong time since it has had anything in it. The point behind doing these giveaway's is to promote some of my creations so that I can eventually get the ETSY shop back up and running. Thanks for commenting!

kiya said...

oooh.. that clutch sure is pretty!
I understand about the etsy thing.. it takes more time and effort than people might think to keep an etsy shop up and running.
Your bags are spectacular though!

Rachel said...

Cute clutch Andrea!

Rachel said...

I want one! Very cool and super cute. I love the colors. So many "rachel"s posted on here. Will add a link to my facebook, too!

Michelle McPherson said...

That is so cute Andrea! It makes me want to go buy myself a sewing machine, but I'm not sure 'talent' would come included, so I will just sit here and be amazed by your creativity :)

barbara said...

so cute i like it alot